Head Pickleball Paddle Pack - Flash

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Step up your pickleball game with the HEAD Pickleball Paddle Pack - Flash! Designed for maximum power and comfort, this pack is a game-changer on the court. With its composite hitting surface, you'll experience a perfect blend of power and softness, catering to players of all skill levels.

The optimized tubular core and Ergo Grip ensure flawless playability, while the polymer honeycomb core guarantees unmatched durability. Plus, the unique ergonomic foam handle adds an extra layer of comfort to your game. And with PENN40 PICKLEBALLS included, durability and visibility are at their peak. Carry it all in style with the specially designed HEAD carrying bag. Elevate your pickleball experience today!


  • Composite hitting surface for maximized power and softer feel
  • Optimized tubular core and Ergo Grip for perfect playability and touch
  • Polymer honeycomb core for highest durability
  • Unique ergonomic foam handle for enhanced comfort
  • Includes PENN40 PICKLEBALLS for improved durability and optimal visibility
  • Dynamic bounce for soft feel and ultimate performance
  • HEAD carrying bag for secure transportation of rackets and pickleballs