ProKennex Ovation Speed ll - White/Blue

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The ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Speed II Paddle is a new and improved version of the original paddle. It has a new colour design and a stack of new features. The most innovative feature added is the new Air-O-Guard, a removable edge guard that allows you to replace a single part rather than replacing your entire paddle if it becomes damaged. This will ensure your paddle remains in good standing for longer. Additionally, the Ovation Speed II continues to feature a 7-layer coating on the face that creates spin and makes it easier to gain a competitive edge and control your shots.

The Kinetic Ovation Speed II Paddle has a small 4" grip circumference (actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8"), and a 4-7/8" long handle. Please note that the grip can be built up for male players or ladies that have longer fingers. The weight is in the medium range coming in at 7.7 - 8.0 oz with a very balanced feel that offers a confidence-inspiring degree of both power and precision. The core material uses honeycomb polymer that is highly impact-resistant, combined with ProKennex's Kinetic impact-dampening technology, to help prevent "pickleball elbow" or "tennis elbow" while maintaining consistent feel and touch. It also makes for a quieter sound which is less disruptive to play (this is a popular feature for owners using this paddle in residential areas).

The ProKennex Ovation Speed II Paddle with Kinetic technology has a streamlined and adaptive design that will last as you improve your game.

The Ovation Speed II Paddle with Kinetic is a part of the "Speed" line of ProKennex Pickleball Paddles. This is the upgraded second generation of this paddle line, and the revisions improve upon an already high-quality design to provide excellent versatility, touch, and placement. Released in Australia in 2021, this second generation added the innovative (and replaceable) Air-O-Guard edge protector, and offers two new colours. There are two shapes in the Speed II line - the "Ovation" Shape (oval), and the "Pro" shape (rectangular).  The following is a list of specifications contained in this paddle:


Weight Average: 7.9 ounces
Weight Range: 7.7-8.0 ounces
Grip Circumference: 4” (Small) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".
Grip Style: High Tack Thin Grip
Grip Manufacturer: ProKennex
Grip Length: 4 7/8"
Paddle Length: 15 3/8”
Paddle Width: 7 5/8"
Paddle Face: carbon/fibreglass hybrid w/Spin-Grab
Core Material: Polypropylene honeycomb matrix with special quiet, high impact resistant Polymer
Edge Guard: Replaceable Air-O-Guard Bumper System
Manufacturer: ProKennex
USAPA approved.