Babolat RH12 Pure Aero Rafa 12 Pack 2023 - Blue Yellow Pink

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Introducing the Babolat RH12 Pure Aero Rafa 12 Pack 2023 – your winning ticket to style, performance, and convenience on the court! Crafted with input from the legendary Rafa himself, this bag isn't just a storage solution; it's a statement. Designed to stand upright, it grants quick access to your gear, while its two spacious compartments ensure your racquets and kicks stay organized and protected. With a durable, waterproof exterior and an insulated lining engineered to defy temperature changes, your equipment remains in top condition, just like your game. Elevate your play with Babolat's ultimate choice for competitive tennis aficionados.


  • Upright design for easy access to racquets and shoe compartment
  • Durable, waterproof exterior
  • White insulated material keeps strings tight and shields from temperature changes
  • Comfortable carrying with load lifters and exclusive straps
  • Transparent, waterproof, vented shoe compartment
  • Insulated compartment made of extra-durable, lightweight, recyclable, dye-free fabric