Eyecue Aqua-Cool

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Stay cool on the court when your opponent turns up the heat. Try this amazing cooling invention. The Eyecue Aqua-cool is Excellent for all kinds of sports and outdoor activities. It is a cristal polymer gel based that can absorb a large amount of sweat from the body and be used for over 30 times. Get Full Freedom of Motion with this Eyecue Aqua-Cool. Keep attention in the game with this Eyecue Aqua-Cool!

  • Size: One size
  • 1 Pc per pack


How to use:

1. Submerge the scarf into cold water for 3 - 4 min. 
2. Remove moisture from the surface of the scarf and place it around the neck, on the head or in other places. 
3. Keeping it in a freezer or cool chamber will enhance the cooling effect.