Selkirk Vanguard 2.0 Omni - Midweight

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The VANGUARD Hybrid 2.0 Omni Paddle provides a huge amount of surface area, and leverages Selkirk's best technology and materials to improve control and responsiveness. New features include a Pro-Spin texture and Gen2 Durable Surface which level-up ball control, and a quantum carbon fibre face that levels out the hot and cold spots of a typical pickleball paddle. The Omni has a short handle for those who like to place a finger against the back of the paddle or just enjoy having a long face for maximum north-south surface area.

The VANGUARD 2.0 Omni Paddle can be ordered in a light 7.4 - 7.8 oz. weight range, or medium 7.9 - 8.4 oz. weight range. It utilizes Selkirk's X5 polymer core material, which has a 5/8" thickness to absorb energy and create more precise shots. The handle length is just 4-1/2", with a medium 4-1/4" circumference. The Geo Grip adds a pleasant amount of tack and includes moisture-absorbing properties so your hand stays secure throughout play.

The VANGUARD Hybrid 2.0 Omni Pickleball Paddle from Selkirk is a versatile option that offers great court coverage, spin, and a potent swing that makes it easier to react during intense games.


  • Midweight Range: 7.9 - 8.4 ounces
  • Grip Circumference: 4 1/4" (Medium) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8"
  • Grip Style: Selkirk Geo Grip
  • Handle Length: 4 1/2"
  • Paddle Length: 16 1/2"
  • Paddle Width: 7 3/8"
  • Paddle Face: QuadCarbon (cross-weave carbon fibre) with Pro-Spin Texture and Gen2 Durable Surface
  • Core Material: X5 Polymer Honeycomb
  • Core Thickness: 5/8" (0.625")
  • Edge Guard: Low Profile EdgeSentry Guard
  • Made in USA