Wilson Crew Sock 3 Pack - White

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These Wilson Men Crew Socks are very comfortable and give your feet optimal support and cushioning during intensive exercise. The socks are equipped with Ultra-Fresh technology which prevents your socks and your shoes from odour. The inserts of a mesh-like material ensure that optimum air circulation takes place: the air is able to flow through the fabric, keeping the skin of your feet dry and cool. Reinforced arches in the fabric also ensure that your foot cannot slide inside the shoe. This is important to prevent injuries and blisters. The thickened pads offer extra cushioning and comfort.

These white Wilson Men Crew Socks have a comfortable fit and feature the Wilson logo in red. The socks are easy to wash in the washing machine.

These durable and comfortable socks are suitable for both squash and tennis. A pack consists of 3 pairs of Wilson Men Crew Socks.

Material:  69% cotton / 26% polyester / 4% elastane / 1% nylon