Wilson ProGrip Max Grip Lotion

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Introducing Wilson ProGrip Max Grip Lotion, a scientifically formulated material crafted to enhance athlete grip. It is the ideal lotion for any player looking to improve their grip. This is a non-sticky lotion that works within seconds. Quick lotion evaporation allows sub-micron silica particles to form on the skin creating a barrier against grip adversaries such as moisture, dirt, and oils. This convenient 2 oz. the bottle provides easy portability and is used on the WTA and ATP Tour.

  • Keeps your hands dry while providing a steady grip
  • Non-sticky or tacky and works within seconds
  • A single application lasts up to 2 hours
  • No-clog bottles allow for easy application
  • Convenient 55g bottle provides easy portability
  • Manufactured in the USA