Selkirk SLK Hybrid - Single Ball

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The SLK Hybrid Indoor/Outdoor Pickleball is an ideal ball for new players or groups that know their equipment will see a lot of use, and for whom durability is their primary concern. The composition of the hybrid ball is forgiving and therefore doesn't perform quite as fast as competition-grade ball options. However, as with other less-rigid balls, the SLK Hybrid provides long-term durability and great value. Engineered to provide true flight, players enjoy consistent action on the court. It can be used in any environment and will stand up to both rough and smooth court surfaces, such as outdoor tennis courts and indoor gymnasiums.

The SLK Hybrid Indoor/Outdoor Pickleball is made with 40 precisely spaced holes to create predictable flight and bounce. They allow easy passage of air through the pickleball but its weight helps to reduce interference by the wind. The design has a bright yellow colour that stands out for easy tracking against just about any background or court surface colour.