Nike Court Vapor Lite 2 Women Tennis Shoes - Black/White

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Get ready to dominate the court with the Nike Court Vapor Lite 2 Women Tennis Shoes! Designed for ultimate playability, speed, and support, these shoes offer maximum comfort to help you play your best game. With its super-comfortable underfoot feeling, you'll be able to make those quick volleys at the net and stay mobile during long rallies, all while keeping your feet snug and comfortable.

Featuring a plush 2-level foam system, this design provides you with exceptional comfort and support from the first serve to the match point. The extra-durable mesh material allows for optimal breathability, keeping your feet cool and dry during intense matches. The molded rubber overlay at the front of the shoe adds extra durability, while the soft foam near the arch makes it easier to align your ankle with your foot for those important moments. The harder foam along the outside of the shoe helps you push off during fast movements, whether you're playing tennis or pickleball.

  • Plush 2-level foam system for comfort and support
  • Extra-durable mesh material for breathability
  • Molded rubber overlay at the front of the shoe for added durability
  • Soft foam near the arch for improved alignment
  • Harder foam along the outside for better traction during fast movements