Wilson Tempo 16mm Pickleball Paddle

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Unleash your court prowess with the Wilson Tempo 16mm Pickleball Paddle, a must-have for intermediate to advanced players seeking ultimate control and spin. Crafted with a raw carbon fiber face boasting an extended sweet spot, this paddle elevates your game with unparalleled maneuverability and precision.

Join the Tempo Family and dominate the court with confidence, thanks to its wide-body shape and 16mm polypropylene honeycomb core that minimizes vibration, ensuring a consistently smooth feel. Experience the thrill of every shot as the Wilson Tempo 16mm becomes your trusted ally in the quest for pickleball glory.


  • Raw Carbon Fiber: Lightweight, high-strength premium fiber materials with a natural texture that maximize spin potential
  • Wide Shape: Shape that contains a larger, more forgiving sweet spot that helps to provide consistently smooth, controlled shots
  • 16 mm Thickness: Control-oriented thickness that absorbs the ball's pace, reduces vibrations, and optimizes touch
  • Headsize: 76 sq in
  • Length: 15.75 in
  • Paddle Shape: Wide Body
  • Weight: 230g
  • Width: 8.25 in