Asics Graphic Wristband S - Cedar Green

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Unleash your inner tennis titan with the all-new Asics Graphic Wristband S in Cedar Green! Elevate your game and bring a touch of vibrant nature to the court. These wristbands aren't just stylish; they are performance powerhouses too!

Crafted with cutting-edge drying fabric, they ensure your hands stay cool and dry, granting you an unyielding grip even during the most intense rallies. Don't let sweat get in the way of your victory dance! Embrace comfort, conquer challenges, and make every swing count with these game-changing wristbands.


  • Product: Asics Graphic Wristband S - Cedar Green
  • Colour: Cedar Green with eye-catching graphics
  • Material: High-performance drying fabric
  • Size: S (perfect fit for active wrists)
  • Purpose: Enhances grip and absorbs sweat efficiently
  • Style: Trendy and functional, adding flair to your sporty look
  • Ideal for: Tennis, other racket sports, and intense workouts.