Nike Court Vapor Lite 2 Men's Hard Court Tennis Shoes - Black/White

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Step onto the court in style with the Nike Court Vapor Lite 2 Men's Hard Court Tennis Shoes. Designed with playability, speed, and support in mind, these shoes are perfect for players who want to perform at their best while looking great.

Featuring a plush foam system for superior cushioning, extra-durable mesh for breathability, and a herringbone outsole for optimal grip, the Vapor Lite 2 has everything you need to dominate the court. Plus, with its sleek and stylish design, you can wear it anywhere you go after your game.


  • Plush 2-level foam system for superior cushioning
  • Extra-durable mesh for breathability and comfort
  • Moulded rubber overlay at the front of the shoe for added durability
  • Soft foam near the arch for better alignment
  • Harder foam along the outside for improved push-off during fast movements
  • Herringbone outsole for optimal grip without impacting the sliding ability
  • Rubber removed in low-wear areas for a lightweight feel
  • Full-length foot frame on the outside for stability during quick cuts