ProKennex Ovation Flight - Pink

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The ProKennex Ovation Flight Pickleball Paddle was designed for speed and optimal reflex. This Ovation Flight paddle is a lightweight paddle that features a unique oval shape that brings a higher percentage of paddle mass along the centre axis, expanding the sweet spot and allowing for a more efficient energy transfer. It features a wind-resistant edgeless construction and thin core technology that further add to this paddle's ability to cut through the air at lightning-fast speeds. Additionally, the Kinetic shock-absorbing system enhances feel and touch to boost your confidence during those crafty kitchen battles. Better yet, there's no need to worry about scuffing up the head of the paddle as ProKennex has designed this paddle with a replaceable Air-O-Guard edge guard- the first of its kind. Speed, comfort, and durability are all on your side with this USAPA-approved paddle!


Weight - 7.3-7.6 oz*
Core - Cloud Cell poly core
Hitting Surface - Carbon with diamond frost face
Grip Size - 4 in
Paddle Length - 15 1/2 in
Paddle Width - 7 7/8 in
Factory Grip - Comfort Cushion