Selkirk SLK Competition 6 Pack

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The SLK Competition Outdoor Pickleball was engineered for high-level players who want a great playing experience and durability. This ball resists wear and lasts longer than most other outdoor pickleballs so it can be counted on for multiple games. It offers consistency, high visibility, and true flight so that you can be sure your matches will be tests of skill and won't be interrupted by faulty equipment.

The Outdoor SLK Competition Pickleball is designed with a unique 40-hole pattern and even weight distribution so that it goes exactly where you hit it. The bright neon colour is easy to see in different lighting conditions and against all types of backgrounds and court surface colours.

The SLK Competition Pickleball is approved for tournament play by USA Pickleball and addresses all the needs of skilled outdoor players so they can adequately prepare for their most competitive matches.