Yonex Fusion Rev 4 Mens 2022 All Court Tennis Shoes - Red/Black

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The Yonex Fusion Rev 4 is a high-performance tennis shoe designed to provide a perfect balance of stability, cushioning, and speed on the court. It incorporates several key features to enhance your performance and comfort during intense gameplay.

The upper of the Fusion Rev 4 is constructed with Durable Skin Light PU material, which offers durability, support, and breathability. It is reinforced with a Double Russell Mesh layer that enhances ventilation and provides added comfort. The shoe also features extra protection around the toe and medial side to guard against dragging and hardcourt sliding. The Inner Bootie Construction wraps the foot with elastic material, ensuring a soft and comfortable fit.

In the midsole, Yonex has integrated its Power Cushion Plus technology, which not only reduces foot fatigue but also delivers enhanced energy return with each step. This feature allows you to push forward with ease and efficiency. Additionally, the midsole incorporates Power Carbon mounted on the midfoot, providing stability without adding unnecessary weight.

The outsole of the Fusion Rev 4 has been redesigned to optimize court feel and torsional rigidity. It utilizes an Endurance Rubber compound in a zonal tread pattern, strategically placed to maximize durability in high-wear areas. The lateral edge of the outsole is designed with a more open tread, specifically catering to speedy players who engage in sliding movements to reach the ball. The Round Sole R7 assists in natural heel-to-toe transitioning, enhancing your overall agility on the court.

The Fusion Rev 4 is available in a striking colour combination of Red/Black, adding a touch of style to your on-court performance. Whether you're a competitive player seeking stability and support or a speedy player in need of lightweight agility, the Fusion Rev 4 aims to meet your specific requirements and elevate your game.