Babolat Super Tape

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This Babolat Super Tape is strong and highly adhesive, Super tape protects the racket frame from abrasion. It adapts to any type of racket thanks to its exceptional elasticity. This tape is resistant and a great adhesive capacity for perfect protection of the frame.

The good way to apply Babolat Super Tape is to cut it lengthwise, then apply the two strips so as not to cover the string holes. This Super Tape fits over the edge of your racket during use and will drastically increase the resale value of your racket. Must to ensure the racket looks brand new long after you buy it.

  • 5 strips of Babolat Super Tape - to protect the tip of your tennis racquet
  • 30mm (1-1/8") wide, 500mm long (19-1/2")
  • Helps prevent damage to your racquet
  • The "5 Count" icon on the product image means 5 strips in a single package - you are purchasing (1) package of tape with each order
  • Resistant and with a greater adhesive capacity for perfect protection of the frame, the Babolat Super Tape is also exceptionally elastic for easy adaption to all racquets.
  • Exceptional Elasticity
  • For All Racquets
  • Neutral Colors
  • Size - (See Description) | Color - (Black)