Yonex Sonicage 3 Women All Court 2022 Tennis Shoes - White/Silver

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Take to the courts in the all-new Women's Yonex Sonicage 3 tennis shoe. The shoe is engineered for recreational and intermediate players seeking a lightweight, comfortable shoe that supports all movements on the court. The Sonicage 3 features FlexQuip Durable Skin which was developed to help alleviate pressure from the medial forefoot. It’s designed to distribute natural pressure from on-court movements while providing extra durability during aggressive moves on the court. Added in the midfoot, Yonex’s signature Power Graphite plate supports the arch during long hours of play to reduce stress on the hips and knees. Lightweight in nature, Power Graphite also provides stability, preventing foot twisting.

The YONEX Power Cushion absorbs shock and then reverses the impact energy for smooth transfer into the next movement. Improved fit thanks to toe assist shape with Yonex’s round sole provides comprehensive support for quick and smooth footwork. Play your game in the Yonex Sonicage 3 today!


  • 280g / 9.9oz per size 24.5 cm shoe
  • Synthetic Fiber, Synthetic Resin
  • Color: White/Silver